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Hello friends and fans, I am the infamous Crusty. My name, Crusty, was given to me when I arrived in not such a beautiful state. I would have preferred something much more regal and more fitting to the beautiful creature that I am. Instead, I'm just plain ole Crusty. Ah...the life of a Clinic Cat. Technically, I am only supposed to work as friend and companion... And I have filled that role on several occasions. But as you can see that isn't enough for my employers here at Dutchtown Animal Hospital. In addition to being a friend, I work overtime keeping the doctor's desk chairs comfy by kneading them with my paws, lounging on the laser therapy bed to keep it warm, patrolling the office at night and checking in on all the patients and guests. My work here is never done! Notice that I am the only one with a whole page all to themselves on this website. That speaks to the importance of my role here at DAH. Feel free to visit me anytime...maybe I will even have time for a break ! And please, bring me treats. After all, I have to keep my strength up to fulfill all my duties as an overworked Clinic Cat.

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  • "Dr. Grayson saved our kitty's life. She was missing for 6 weeks and was found emaciated, severely dehydrated, and had a damaged liver. She was only a couple of days away from death. Many vets might have thought it was hopeless and recommended putting her down, but not Dr. Grayson. Best of all, we were able to use our Care Credit, which gave us 6 months no interest to pay the bill off. Thank you Dr. Grayson and all the staff at Dutchtown Animal Hospital!!"
    Crystal M. / Prairieville, LA

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